Argos III

Argos iii 01Argos III is a space station in orbit around Neha (Eliades VII). It is a re-creation of the Argos I, a station built prior to the Scream using the Sendai Component System. The station was abandoned following the Scream and allowed to deteriorate. An attempt to restore it was made fifty years ago and it was re-christened Argos II, but the attempt eventually failed. Another attempt began five years ago and has been more successful due to the ability of the Bitxi Yards to create new modules based on the original Sendai Component System. Re-christened once again as Argos III, it consists of a mix of salvaged original, 600 year old components, and brand-new construction.

Argos III is 2380 feet tall, and 1185 feet in diameter. It houses a crew of 200, and can accommodate up to 350 more people as residents, as well as an additional 100 as transients. Its main cargo ring can hold 36,000 tons of cargo, with an additional 10,000 tons of storage available elsewhere on the station.

The station consists of three independently rotating main rings, two fixed minor rings, and a central spoke. The largest major ring is the Habitation Ring, with the Hanger Ring located above it, and the Cargo Ring located below it. In between the Habitation Ring and Cargo Ring are the two smaller Docking Rings for larger ships, while there is a landing bay near the top for small craft. The central spoke is mostly structural, containing only transit shafts and engineering sections.

Argos III has quickly become the central trading port of Sector Lambda, as newly built or refurbished ships coming off the Bitxi Yards open up the sector to increased trade. The station serves as a base of operations for many of these ships, and has attracted a good number of freelance crew members and “security” personnel looking for work aboard them.

Transit between Argos III and Neha is currently accomplished via shuttles, but there is talk of rebuilding the orbital lifters that once connected Argos I to the planet. There is some resistance to this plan given the damage that the original system caused when it fell following the Scream.

Argos III

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